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Welcome to CandyMapper R2:
The Staging!


What is a Staging website?

Nearly ready to push to Production

Staging is where QA genreally will test the next release of the website before pushing it to Production. This is the Staging version of CandyMapper.com and supports most of the same functionality. 

There are a few embedded challenges: On this page there are two buttons named ‘Get Me Mapped’ and the input field descriptions are a little different.

R2 also features a new scheduling component. You can make appointments with the new owner and her two employees. R2 will send email reminders for any scheduled meetups. Note the One on One costume contest with Boris should have a limit of one person per timeslot.

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Contrary to popular belief, squash is the preferred side dish of the undead during Halloween. There is always room for one more at the door with CandyMapper.



CandyMapper is the most advance piece of vaporware available on the internet. Daily builds by our crack team of wash and  werewolves ensure the software is always up and running by the end of the sprint or next full moon with never a gltch gultch grinch.


Ghost Teeth

That's what you will get if you don't brush your teeth often enough. Spooky little holes of that only allow you to drink your next meal. You might think the vampire diet is cool, but trust us, you don't want to be sucking your meal from a straw for all eternity. Always brush after every meal.

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CandyMapper Release 2

CandyMapperR2.Com 1313 Mockingbird Ln, Haddonfield, Illinois 61853, United States

(630) 555-VMPR


Monday - Friday: Closed

Saturday: By appointment only

Sunday: Rarely open.
Halloween: 24-Hour fully staffed support line.

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If you're reading this, you've gotten out. And if you've come this far, maybe you're willing to come a little further. You remember the name of the town, don't you?

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